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Why choose Yukki?

A portion of reasons to why you should choose Yukki Music Bots.

Crisp Quality

Have you ever dreamt of quality music without any lag issues or any downtime? Yukki is what you need!.

Modern Based

Yukki Music Bot uses Telegrams's up-to-date features and updated libraries to enhance user experience!


Yukki is greatly customizable, which allows you to setup voice channels, auto-clean modes and much more!

Features Riched

Yukki offers a much more feature-rich command list than the average Telegram bot! Get info on commands page!

Coding & development

Yukki Music Bot has been written from scratch unlike other bots, making it stable and less crashes.

Best Platforms

Yukki Music Bot can play music from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. Supports playlists and livestreams!

Responsive design

Yukki Music Bot uses attractive thumbnails and fonts, making experience more user-friendly and interactive.

Dedicated support

Yukki Music offers a great community where you can get support 24*7 for your queries and doubt regarding us.

Honestly, we've seen so much it's crazy.


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Our Premium features

Upgrade to Premium to unlock extra features and support the development & operation of Yukki Music Bot.

24/7 Playback

You can play music 24/7 with our premium plans without facing any downtimes.

Auto Play

Auto playing mode based on your previous listening activites and musics.

Audio Effects

Audio Effects to boost your sound experience in different types like rock, party etc.

Ranking System

Global ranking system based on your ratings and listening activities.

New Platforms

In Premium, you get access to more platform like deezer, twitch etc.

Video TimerBar

Live rotating timer bar on video chats for the playing music


Subtitles support on videos that you play on video chat if available on youtube.

Multi-Language Audio

Switch betwen different audios of any streaming , ex: Hindi , English , Chinese etc

Unlimited Playlists

Get access to unlimited saved playlist feature on server and storage with premium.

Rating Mode

Get access to rating mode with yukki premium which allows you to rate music and tracks.

You would like even more features?

When subscribing to one of our premium plans you'll gain access to even more awesome features which will massively improve your experience on Telegram!

Meet Our Team

Lets see who is working on Yukki Music Bot and could be your new best friend.
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Member Photo

I am Shikhar, the founder and owner of Yukki Music Bot! I'm quite passionate by coding since 2020

Shikhar Kumar
Team / Founder
Member Photo
Good day!

I am Guri!, the server manager and maintainer for the Yukki. How is your day going on ?

Gurpreet Singh
Server Moderator
Member Photo

I am Mayank, a self trained writer! I've spent the last several years reading and writing articles.

Mayank Parmar
Content Lead
Member Photo

How is your day going on ?

Vikrant Ojha
  • "Thank you for this good great premium music bot, this bot is effective and works fast, very recommended to all of you"
    Average Telegram Enjoyer
  • "Overall, it is good. Yukki Bot has good service and a variety of services and helps me in vc fights. They really care about customer convenience."
    Shekhar Upadhyay (CarbonXD)
    Telegram VC Fighter
  • Wow! I never realized how much I needed this bot. Yukki has changed so many things for me , I got a girlfriend by flexing my music taste in front her!
    Average Telegram Simp

Yukki Premium Prices

Although Yukki is free of cost! But if you want you can subscribe to Premium for better features, functions ,speed.
Support Yukki's development and unlock some exclusive features!

One Month Plan


  • Access to all Premium perks
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Tags in Official Channel
  • Instant Support
  • Bot Cloning Feature
  • USD : 1.49$
Buy Now

Six Month Plan


  • Access to all Premium perks
  • 12 Hour Support
  • Mini Donator Tag
  • Instant Support
  • Bot Cloning Feature
  • USD : 6.49$
Buy Now

One Year Plan


  • Access to all Premium perks
  • Instant Support
  • Tags in Official Channel
  • access to pre-features
  • Bot Cloning Feature
  • USD : 12.49$
Buy Now

1 Month Clone Plan


  • Access to all Premium perks
  • Instant Support
  • Only for 1 Month
  • Custom Version of Yukki
  • Bot Cloning Feature
  • USD : 5$
Buy Now


Purchases are one-time to receive the perks. You can buy as many times as you like and they will stack.
A purchase can only be transferred to a different user once.
Resale of Premium is not permitted.

Refund Policy

You are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.
We will never accept threats or chargebacks.
If you choose to or threaten to chargeback, we reserve the right to ban and/or blacklist you from the bot.

About Yukki

A Powerful Bot by which you can stream songs, videos and even live streams in your group calls via various sources like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Support : Yukki Support

News : Yukki News Channel

Email: shikhar@yukki.tech

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