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We’re a telegram web app based music bot.

​Yukki Music Bot is a Powerful Telegram Music+Video Bot written in Python using Pyrogram and Py-Tgcalls by which you can stream songs, video and even live streams in your group calls via various sources.

It comes with a user friendly and easy to use yet elegant features. Its the result of the Yukki Family that we started Yukki around in April 2021 and this day, we are one of the best streaming bot in telegram. Yukki provides the user a next level experience and complete support for official repository. Come and be a part of our Yukki Family.

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Meet Our Team

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I am Shikhar, the founder and owner of Yukki Music Bot! I'm quite passionate for coding since 2020

Shikhar Kumar
Team / Founder
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Good day!

I am Guri!, the server manager and maintainer for the Yukki. How is your day going on ?

Gurpreet Singh
Server Moderator
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I am Mayank, a self trained writer! I've spent the last several years reading and writing articles.

Mayank Parmar
Content Lead
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How is your day going on ?

Vikrant Ojha

Honestly, we've seen so much it's crazy.


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Our Advantages

Ideas and concepts

At Yukki , We are always open for ideas and concepts from our users and try to work on them to improve our user experiences.

Optimised for speed

Unlike other telegram bots music bot, Yukki is fast and optimised heavily with daily routine server checkups and maintenance.

Designs & interfaces

We got a whole separate team for designs and interfaces at Yukki, we keep on updating our interfaces every week to improve user experiences.

Highly customizable

Yukki is highly customizable with 10+ admin modes, settings mode , voting mode, reaction modes and many other things.

About Yukki

A Powerful Bot by which you can stream songs, videos and even live streams in your group calls via various sources like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Support : Yukki Support

News : Yukki News Channel

Email: shikhar@yukki.tech

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